YouTube advanced analytics and monetization update

YouTube Latest Update: Advanced Analytics & Customisable Shorts Thumbnails

YouTube announces new updates for video creators with advanced analytics and customisable shorts thumbnails

The Advanced Analytics Update

Youtube advanced analytics

According to it’s latest announcement, YouTube is launching more detailed analytics for video creators. The new update will see video creators having new and detailed data on subscribers growth and retention, shorts thumbnails customisation, new subscriber recognition options and more.

YouTube has announced a new addition to its Studio Analytics feature that will provide creators with valuable insights on their subscriber growth. The platform will now show a breakdown of the number of subscribers gained for different types of content, allowing creators to compare the performance of their videos across different formats. This update is a significant improvement as previously, YouTube only offered data on views per content type, not subscribers.

By providing this new data, YouTube aims to assist creators in understanding which formats are resonating most with their audience and driving the most engagement and subscriber growth. This will help creators to make better-informed decisions on the types of content they should focus on creating in the future.

“We redesigned the Dashboard to summarize the most important performance data for your channel.”

– YouTube in a new mail to creators

It is also to be noted that the data on views per content type which was not available on mobile previously is now coming to YouTube mobile studio. This will make it easier for creators to view and analyse their video performances from the mobile itself without having to open the YouTube web.

Shorts Update: Customisable Thumbnails

Rapid growth of short format videos over the internet has got YouTube focusing on YouTube shorts and shorts creators. This new update will see short creators customising their Shorts thumbnails.

youtube advanced analytics shorts thumbnails
Screenshot from: dated January 2023

Creators can now select a frame from the shorts and keep it as the thumbnail, during the upload process. YouTube also said that they will be introducing more shorts thumbnail features in the future.

New Monetisation Features on YouTube

Last year YouTube announced that creators will soon be able to monetize their shorts in an update scheduled to 1 Feb, 2023.

Now in a further new announcement for creators, YouTube said:

“Creators can now apply for the YouTube Partner Program to start earning. This year we’re adding more monetization features to the app, including the ability to manage your channel memberships and paid digital goods.”

– YouTube

This update will see YouTube empowering creators once again with more data and opportunities in their hands than ever before.

It will be interesting to see how YouTube’s new monetization features will affect the video creator community in near future.

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